Who Are We



Owner of Aussie Bats, Simon Swan, loves baseball. So much so, he made his passion his work…

“The reason, that I became involved in making and the selling of baseball equipment is I fell in-love with the game. From the moment I played my first game at the age of 19, right up until now. The things that I love about the game came from watching the major league baseball. Last year I had the absolute privilege to go to four games whilst in the USA and what a difference a live sounding baseball off a bat makes. Especially even better to see a home run and I was very lucky in that sense as I saw many at three different stadiums.”

In Australia we are still very lucky as we can play baseball past our college years, which is very different in the US. We are able to play at our own level which is great for those who love the game and enjoy the weekly games.

When it came to starting somewhere and getting involved in making or producing baseball products timber bats was Simon’s first thought. Producing a product that is great in the majors was the ultimate goal. Sourcing where and how was the next objective.

In addition to the current Canadian and US timbers used, Aussie Bats are hoping to introduce some Australian timbers that will provide greater and even more cost effective results.

Simon said, “I am hoping to manufacture clothing products later down the track but for the present I will be concentrating on the Timber Bats, custom made. Anyone wanting particular sizes and weights can talk with us and we will do our best to accommodate their needs. That is what Aussie Bats is really all about – bats that suit the player…not the player suiting the bat!”

Check out some of our bats in action.